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Chapter 2 Copyright and home use

The RIAA is watching us!
No really people, RIAA’s job is to watch consumer use of digital products and watching trends of digital music use growth by consumers through their statistics. What the music home user is doing and how it affects the market. First chapter of Steve Gordon’s “The Future of the Music Business” was traditional, getting to know your history of copyright laws of the past before you touch the new digital age. The first chapter was how the old laws effect the new now we are into how the new services and projections are affecting the music industry.

My CD burning I guess is not as harmless as I thought. Chapter 2 discusses new trends and what platforms are new and working well. Love my iphone and yes its in there in ch. 2. According to the book though we are nowhere near South Korea, for its high speed use phone mobiles for music. But much has changed since 2008 when the book I am reading was written.

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