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Copyright sucks..:0 Chapter 1

I am sure any lover of music that has a computer has thought or at least looked for free downloads on the internet. As a onetime user of most the big names of free downloads, copyright is a big issue and I was interested in the idea of public domain.
Upon starting the book: “The Future of Music Business, 2nd Edition” I found out about the finer points of music copyright. Understanding the law for artists and consumers.
First chapter was on digital copyright and copyrighted material. As a fan of FREE Music I have always been fascinated with copyright law and how one person is used as a target for thousands of people that have downloaded music.
see one of many stories


which have all had running battles with the Recording Industry of America

According to the author Steve Gordon it is possible to compete with free music and uses the analogy of free water and bottled. Your paying more for the good stuff and pay are still willing to pay for it. Best Buy and others still make money of CD’s. Less so than before? maybe?
But stores like Best Buy also have used create your own cd stations in store.
Cd’s sometimes are bundeled with artist dvds now which is a smart idea.

Interested on the issue of public domain and how long it takes before music is registered as such. All the great classics are for the most part public domain. Many great old jazz songs from the 20’s and 30’s are as well.

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