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“We’re a record label. But, we are not evil.”

Chapter 14 of “The Future of the Music Business” by Steve Gordon has an interview with a very different record company Magnatune. Is what this guy is doing even legal? As well as trying to promote many different artists using non-exclusive contracts…
Also rather than the 30 sec preview, for example iTunes you get to stream the whole CD!

I have an interest in World music especially Celtic where my roots are. Enjoyed being able to listen to the whole Cd. Found Shira Kammen: Mistral. Its is very good quality and yes as per the interview it is not cd quality but still sounds great. Also found from listening: After every track: “That was track #1 from the album Mistral by Shira Kammen from Magnatune.com”
After 5 tracks: “Why build a collection one album at a time? Instead you can join Magnatune.com where only $15 per month gives you access to all 100,000 songs at magnatune, you can listen commercial free and any album that tickles your fancy you can simply click and download, any format, DRM free in perfect quality, go to magnatune.com and click join now.”

little soft spoken ads! smart idea.

Cheap music licensing with virtual unknowns is how they get most their money. From what I heard of the world music players this is great music and for a starter film I could see using this. Music licensing through magnatune is cheap in a good way. Like an agent Magnatune only makes money when the artist makes money and does not take away.

Bottom line: keep the rights to your music.

Owner of Magnatune John Buckman lists that many recording labels really do not support their artists. Protect yourself and your music and don’t sell yourself short.

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