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Finishing the end of the class with my research paper due May 9th. As a background music while I work on my paper have been listening to creative commons licensed music such as works that are on the website Jamendo.

Found a great beautiful album for background music:

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Where you been?

This seems to be the story of me in the class. I have enjoyed the material I am learning but for some reason have not been able to wrap my head around this class. Musicology even made it to a recent trip to the beach. Enjoying the discussion boards and my other class blog is doing well, but for some reason this semester I feel the I have not found my niche with this blog. Have been working on my paper and will continue with the discussion boards and hope for the best with the remainder of this class…

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Chapter 15- Creative Commons

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Into Chapter 15 of Steve Gordon’s “The Future of the Music Business, 2nd edition

All about licensing permits with the “CC” Creative Commons. What’s available to artist that want to sample this work? A dozen or so different licenses with Creative Commons.

In this chapter is an interview with Thomas Goetz of Wired Magazine who talks about a 16 track cd with songs from Chuck D and the Beastie Boys and talks about the effect of this and creative commons. That the technology that has brought about file sharing and digital downloads is being limited and controlled by the recording industry. The great way to learn about and sample new music is being brought to us in 30 sec clips.

not all rights reserved rather some rights reserved

bottom line no infringement for sampling but hey give credit where credit is due. You like what you heard, like what you used and changed? people like your work now? so hey where did that one track you borrowed come from?

I enjoyed reading about this and this sounds like a great idea for my paper: “Some rights reserved: A study of the laws of Creative Commons”

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“We’re a record label. But, we are not evil.”

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Chapter 14 of “The Future of the Music Business” by Steve Gordon has an interview with a very different record company Magnatune. Is what this guy is doing even legal? As well as trying to promote many different artists using non-exclusive contracts…
Also rather than the 30 sec preview, for example iTunes you get to stream the whole CD!

I have an interest in World music especially Celtic where my roots are. Enjoyed being able to listen to the whole Cd. Found Shira Kammen: Mistral. Its is very good quality and yes as per the interview it is not cd quality but still sounds great. Also found from listening: After every track: “That was track #1 from the album Mistral by Shira Kammen from”
After 5 tracks: “Why build a collection one album at a time? Instead you can join where only $15 per month gives you access to all 100,000 songs at magnatune, you can listen commercial free and any album that tickles your fancy you can simply click and download, any format, DRM free in perfect quality, go to and click join now.”

little soft spoken ads! smart idea.

Cheap music licensing with virtual unknowns is how they get most their money. From what I heard of the world music players this is great music and for a starter film I could see using this. Music licensing through magnatune is cheap in a good way. Like an agent Magnatune only makes money when the artist makes money and does not take away.

Bottom line: keep the rights to your music.

Owner of Magnatune John Buckman lists that many recording labels really do not support their artists. Protect yourself and your music and don’t sell yourself short.

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March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Amazon Cloud is getting some backlash from the recording industry.

In an effort to beat itunes to the punch Amazon may have inadvertently also bit the bullet with this one. RIAA has required special “streaming licensing” listings for this service something that has held back Apple & Google. Well Amazon just went ahead and did it and in an effort to get ahead they might face legal battles over this choice.

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Guitar Hero and MIT

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Upon reading Chapter seven of the book Musicophilia found information about the artist composer and creator of the Video Game guitar hero.
The story of Tod Machover the creator of Guitar Hero and his work at MIT Media Lab. Bringing music to a younger generation in non traditional ways. Machover and his team are also responsible for the Brain Opera, The Toy Symphony and of course guitar hero. MIT has been studying how music effects the brain at and early age. In the book Musicophilia the stories of musical intellect are found in the most unlikely people.

Many different studies have been done with the game guitar hero to see if the playing of this video game actually transfers into any ability to help learn music. There have been many skeptics but I always figured there must be some contribution to the ability to play actual music.

Found an article that list just that and on google there are many more studies like it.

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John’s Pandora Stations!

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Gregorian Chant
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
Dead Man Blues Radio
The Bee Gees Radio
Korean Traditional Radio
Native Flute Ensemble
Gipsy Kings Radio
Tenpenny Bit (Jigs) Radio
Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen Radio
Minor Swing Radio
Luigi Boccherini Radio
Reegae Radio
Concert for Harpsichord Radio
Jospeh F Lamb Radio
The New Hawaiian Band Radio
Li Xianting Radio
Bagpipe Tunes Radio
Jai Bhavani Radio
Jole Blon Radio
Chinese Traditional Radio
Worldbeat Radio
Indian Classical
Traditional Arabic and andalusian Radio
Persian Traditional Radio
Jelly Roll Morton Radio
The Chieftains Radio
80s Pop Radio
Cajun Radio
Yo-Yo Ma Radio
What shall we do with a drunken sailor radio
The Mills Brothers Radio
Django Reinhardt Radio
Contemporary Hawaiian Radio
The Corries Radio
Tommy Makem Radio

Certain moods or driving requires my world music. Classics at night and maybe gregorian chant. Gypsy Kings through the mountains or indian or irish or hawaiian depending on the look. Live in the desert so get so interesting music to fit that landscape but love my world music.

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