Sell out :/

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An inferring point came up in the future of music business. The idea of selling out and I think it all depends not on brand for profit rather what brand you are representing. If a hardcore metal band starting selling for vw jet maybe but if the brand kind of represents your music it as a sell out. Really depends. Could be good or bad marketing for both parties.
Does performing at the super bowl change your image? The event caters to guys but it has Noe become a family event. Both the super bowl and a death metal band would not chose to be linked.

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Sopranos – chapter 6

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Reading chapter 6 of Steve Gordon’s “the future of the music business, 2nd edition”. This chapter of music licensing fundamentals discusses music on tv. As an example the author uses a favorite show of mine the sopranos. In each episode is a broad range of classic rock and do-wop. Music that seems to fit the theme of Tony Sopranos issues as a mob boss in New Jersey. David chase the director picked a lot of 50’s 60’s 70’s classics for each episode that I am sure as far as licensing can’t be cheap. But as far as usage all songs are background music. Usually about 6-7 background tracks to an episode. Years ago started posting the background songs titles on the episode guide on their website.

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Weeek 2 – ISMIR Alternatives

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SEMLA– A non profit music group cooperating with libraries to improve music library holdings. Not affiliated with the Music Library Association.

To me seems very similar to a Friends of the Library but only for the sole purpose of increasing music holdings for public places.

Checking collections and keeping track of audio holdings for libraries. Checked the listings for the state of Florida.
This list includes also special collections, museums, community colleges and universities as well as public libraries.

Musipedia – Everyone’s favorite Musipedia. Loved the different methods of searching for a song!

Knew how to play the entertainer. Got it on first try.’4.+dis’2+e’4+c”4+e’4.+c”4+e’4+c”4+&filtertext=&coll=m&onlymatchfrom=0.3

Didn’t realize that middle high and lower notes on the keyboard when I was playing the song.

Tried Fur Elise with the reference librarians help. My friend Jeanne at the ref desk :’8+c’8+e’4.+a’8+b’8+&filtertext=&coll=m&onlymatchfrom=0.3

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Pick a site any site

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Reviews of digital music websites and digital music collections archives. Was fascinated by the choices in this bundle and had fun browsing through old music and digital reference collections about music. Free trials, free music and periodicals.

Great collections on Naxos Music Library .
A lot of Choral and Choir and Classic Music.

Tried the 15 minutes preview option on several different computers to browse what they had. Great recording but some of the ones I was interested in had a copyright issue for the United States.
Now back to the previous post of chapter 1 for future of the music business…:)
The music I wanted on Naxos was copyrighted. Listened to GOSSEC, F.-J.: Grand Symphonies Nos. 1-3 / Sabinus Suite

“All Naxos Historical, Naxos Classical Archives, Naxos Jazz, Folk and Rock Legends and Naxos Nostalgia titles are not available
to subscribers in the United States and some titles may not be available to subscribers in Australia, Singapore, and Japan because these countries have copyright laws
that provide or may provide for terms of protection for sound recordings that differ from the rest of the world.”

“The copyright laws in which these records were made differ from the United States” ….aannnnd Naxos did not have rights to play the music. Even for subscribers.

The music I wanted was copyrighted. Naxos still has a great collection though. Naxos was my fav for all the music I got on several computers 15 min preview no signups!

The others:
Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale – RILM loved this database. Reminded me of a DK look or Encarta Encyclopedia. Not an easy way to search and would have preferred a search bar but found what I wanted. Not easy to get in you have to sign up through a database. Used CSA Illumina and accessed just rilm. Also on OCLC.
Most are paid subscription sites. Didn’t like the trials asking for so much on:

On the other side of that is ripm – Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (1800-1950). Full free text periodicals!
Had fun browsing …)

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It’s Time

January 31, 2011 1 comment

Finding out about UTC. It’s 10:07 now on Jan 31st and it is reporting that I posted these as Feb 1! UTC -8 is the correct setting I need now rather than UTC 0+

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Chapter 2 Copyright and home use

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The RIAA is watching us!
No really people, RIAA’s job is to watch consumer use of digital products and watching trends of digital music use growth by consumers through their statistics. What the music home user is doing and how it affects the market. First chapter of Steve Gordon’s “The Future of the Music Business” was traditional, getting to know your history of copyright laws of the past before you touch the new digital age. The first chapter was how the old laws effect the new now we are into how the new services and projections are affecting the music industry.

My CD burning I guess is not as harmless as I thought. Chapter 2 discusses new trends and what platforms are new and working well. Love my iphone and yes its in there in ch. 2. According to the book though we are nowhere near South Korea, for its high speed use phone mobiles for music. But much has changed since 2008 when the book I am reading was written.

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Copyright sucks..:0 Chapter 1

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I am sure any lover of music that has a computer has thought or at least looked for free downloads on the internet. As a onetime user of most the big names of free downloads, copyright is a big issue and I was interested in the idea of public domain.
Upon starting the book: “The Future of Music Business, 2nd Edition” I found out about the finer points of music copyright. Understanding the law for artists and consumers.
First chapter was on digital copyright and copyrighted material. As a fan of FREE Music I have always been fascinated with copyright law and how one person is used as a target for thousands of people that have downloaded music.
see one of many stories


which have all had running battles with the Recording Industry of America

According to the author Steve Gordon it is possible to compete with free music and uses the analogy of free water and bottled. Your paying more for the good stuff and pay are still willing to pay for it. Best Buy and others still make money of CD’s. Less so than before? maybe?
But stores like Best Buy also have used create your own cd stations in store.
Cd’s sometimes are bundeled with artist dvds now which is a smart idea.

Interested on the issue of public domain and how long it takes before music is registered as such. All the great classics are for the most part public domain. Many great old jazz songs from the 20’s and 30’s are as well.

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